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June 24 2015


Create an Epic Customer Experience With EstreamDesk!

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It is a common knowledge that customer service is just as important as the quality of the products that a business is selling to its customers. In a way, customer service can help your business prosper, or it could bring your business to bankruptcy. This is because customers are very demanding about the things that they exchanged their money for. This works just the same for everyone in the world.

Customer satisfaction is very important in order for a business to keep operating and to grow further. The customer satisfaction can also serve as metrics for the performance of the business's employees in attending to concerns of customers. It also creates a lifetime value not just for the product for the entire company as well. This only proves the importance of having a web-based ticketing system. eStreamDesk Helpdesk and Ticketing System can help you in providing for a ticketing system that optimizes your workflow and makes customer handling concerns easier.

The internet has made things more convenient for most individuals over the past few years. There has been a considerable shift of customer communications from phone calls to emails. However, since emails do not give an instant response, this can serve as disadvantageous because the customers will only end up calling on your business hotline. With eStreamDesk Helpdesk and Ticketing System, this is no longer a problem. This is because their helpdesk system is made to optimize how you address to email concerns of customers in a more organized way. The eStreamDesk works by converting support tickets into emails. This is great if your company communication is mostly based on emails. Once the tickets are converted into emails, they will be marked according to priority so you will know which tickets to resolve first. Also, you can have an instant response functions for those emails which are readily answerable by your FAQ page in case your customer misses it and decides to send you an email to get a clearer answer.

You can have a more organized and efficient workflow as you can find a way to lessen calls on the hotline, and an easier time answering concerns which can ultimately lead to company transparency to its customers. Another great function of the eStreamDesk is you can use the its tracking functionality to monitor the customer service performance of your employees in order for you to build on what needs to be improved in your customer service department. With the eStreamDesk Helpdesk and Ticketing System, you can definitely create an epic customer experience with fast and helpful responses! You can even customize the work-flow parameters of this ticketing system so it fits the profile of the products and services and the possible customer concerns that your customers will normally ask. You may also conveniently incorporate this on your existing business website and will have no problems transitioning too! For more details, you can visit the estreamdesk.com website so you can find out how this can optimize your customer service department in a snap. So check out this helpful site today.

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